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custom, diy, faux-teak, Trimaran -

This custom trimaran has been built from the ground up and outfitted with SeaDek for the finishing touch! This customer completed DIY templates and in return has a beautiful, fully covered trimaran. 3mm brushed Cool Gray for the deck and 6mm brushed Mocha over Black faux-teak for the cockpit and a few accent pieces. Our creative process offers awesome flexibility pertaining to DIY measuring, templating and installing to get the perfect look! Please reach out to us if you're interested in the DIY route! Please see more before & after photos below:

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Argo, ORMA 60, Trimaran -

To match this massive yet nimble ARGO Trimaran Yacht, the SeaDek design and color combination really needed to pop. Implementing 5mm brushed Storm Gray with an embossed Sunburst Yellow logo does just that and accentuates this vessel perfectly. Argo then went on to win the 2019 Pineapple Cup, smashing the record by over 10 hours! Congratulations ARGO team! See more photos of the custom SeaDek for the cockpit and seat and a video link of ARGO in action below! ARGO 2019 Pineapple Cup

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