VX One Hull Stickers

VX One Hull Stickers

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These VX One Class Legal Hull stickers are the perfect replacement for your current worn-out hull stickers.

Made out of high performance ORACAL vinyl, these stickers are guaranteed for outdoor use.

These stickers come ready to apply in standard black/red, please contact us for custom variants.

This kit contains:

  • 2x (port, stbd) "VX ONE" Hull stickers

Installation Instructions

  1. Clean surface, removing all dirt, grease, and salt. Surface must be dry for vinyl to adhere properly!
  2. Before removing backing, position as desired and mark location.
  3. Remove backing and secure vinyl to appropriate location, pressing firmly and evenly. Allow to set for 72 hours. Bond strength can be improved with firm application and moderate heat. Surrounding air temperature must be 60 degrees or above for vinyl to adhere successfully.