Deck Graphics One Design Pack

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Get your settings right every time in every condition with these customized deck measurements. Designed for performance one design boats such as the Melges 32 and J105. This set of 40 heavyweight Mylar appliqués with 3M adhesive will adhere to non-skid or painted surfaces.

Included Labels

  • One Design Pack includes labels for:
  • Inhauler Scale: 11” long, Port/Starboard 1 - 4
  • Jib Car Adjuster Scale: 17.8” long, Port/Starboard 1 – 14
  • Jib Halyard Scale: 9.8” long, Port/Starboard 1 - 10
  • Backstay Scale: 52” long, 1 - 12
  • Halyard Clutch Labels
  • Turnbuckle Directional Arrows
  • Lift Points
  • Tension Gauge

Installation Instructions

  1. Clean deck surface, removing all dirt, grease, and salt. Surface must be dry for Deck Graphics to adhere properly! Deck Graphics are designed for painted or gelcoat decks only. Do not use Deck Graphics on wooden decks.
  2. Before removing backing on Deck Graphics, position as desired and mark location with pencil. Deck Graphics are designed to adhere to smooth surfaces and non-skid surfaces of fine to medium grit. We cannot guarantee the product's successful application on rough surfaces.
  3. Remove backing and secure Deck Graphics to appropriate location on deck, pressing firmly and evenly. Allow to set for 72 hours. Bond strength can be improved with firm application and moderate heat. Surrounding air temperature must be 60 degrees or above for Deck Graphics to adhere successfully.